When your caller ID shows up as “SPAM LIKELY” on a customer’s or prospect’s phone, there is little chance of getting through. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to find yourself showing up as “SPAM LIKELY”. Also unfortunate is the process that you’re required to go through to get taken off. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get removed from a “SPAM Likely” list 

How to Get Removed from a SPAM Likely List

What is a SPAM List?

A SPAM list is a registry containing phone numbers that are suspected to be SPAM. One registry, the National Do Not Call Registry was created in 2003, and is managed by the Federal Trade Commission. The goal of this, and other SPAM lists are to reduce the number of unwanted calls.

How Did I End Up on a SPAM list?

First of all, you’re showing up on your customers phone as “SPAM LIKELY” because you made it onto a SPAM list. When processing calls, carriers access these lists, and make a determination about (what I will call) your SPAM status. Carriers (and other third parties) make these determinations by algorithmically reviewing your call patterns, and user feedback (ie, people reporting that your phone number is SPAM related).

How Do I Remove Myself from a SPAM List?

If you’ve heard from a customer that you showed up as “SPAM LIKELY”, don’t worry. There is a process for getting you taken off of SPAM listings. The process is relatively simple but does require forms to be filled out with multiple carriers (I’ll say that again: fill out each carrier form). As of today, there is not a unified form for every carrier for this process. Basically, you just need to affirm with each carrier that you are not using your main phone number for spam purposes.  

It is possible that after submitting the forms that you will be contacted by an agent for final verification. 

Forms to Fill Out

The list below will guide you to the forms required (just click on the link to get started). You can always reach out to one of our specialists for additional information.

  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile (will use your email to generate a username for future log-ins)
  • ATT
    • select: “I have a problem with the information shown for my phone number”, in the dropdown
    • in the description, just describe what you are hearing from your patients.
  • Other
    • this one actually works with ATT but I would still recommend filling both out
    • You will request a verification code before hitting submit. It will ask you to copy/paste that verification code at the bottom.

To learn how to get removed from a “SPAM LIKELY” list contact CTS Companies here, or simply search for CTS Companies in Google. You may find that what you have today is the best for you. Our goal here is simple: provide you with the information to make a well informed decision.

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