What is a Business Contact Center?

A business contact center is a central location where any customer communications are managed. These tools handle a wide range of communication channels, including:

    • Phone Calls
    • Emails
    • Web Chat
    • SMS and MMS (texting)
    • Social Media Messages.

Business Contact Center

They provide efficient and effective customer service, resolve customer issues, increase sales, and gather customer feedback. While they can be outsourced, many companies elect to manage them in-house.

Historically, a business contact center was a tool used by large organizations. Today, this competitive advantage is used by most modern small businesses due to the affordability, efficiencies, integrations, and ease of use. 

Past vs. Future

In the past, the main purpose of a business contact center was to handle large call volumes. Today, they are used by companies interested in communicating with customers through multiple channels, regardless of call volume. By centralizing, businesses can ensure that all inquiries are handled by the correct trained professional.

Modern Business contact centers use advanced technology, such as interactive voice response (IVRs) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) software. An IVR allows customers to navigate through prompts to find the information they need, while CRM software helps businesses track and analyze customer interactions. In addition, skills, time, an geographic based routing ensures that your customer gets to the correct department quickly.

In addition to handling customer inquiries, they can also be used to gather customer feedback and insights. This information can be used to improve the customer experience and identify areas for business improvement.


Overall, business contact center technology is essential to your customer-focused organization, and by providing efficient and effective customer service businesses can improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and drive growth through retention and referrals.

If you believe that a business contact center is right for you then consider reaching out to one of our business technology consultants. You can contact CTS Companies here, or simply search for phone systems near you.