Critical Vulnerability

The Log4J vulnerability has the world scrambling to test and patch systems. CTS began investigation when the news of Log4J vulnerability broke out late last week. As a result, resolved any issues relating to our internal systems. In addition, we tested and resolved systems that we directly provide to our customers. While CTS systems are safe from Log4J, we urge all companies to fully review their environments, and confirm that your systems are patched. You can do this by contacting your vendors or by searching vendor-name and log4j. I would also urge you to follow this blog by one of our security partners Huntress Labs. This Google Blog also provides a great overview of the situation.


What Does this Mean?

A vulnerability is a weak point within a system. Often times, these weak points can be patched by software updates. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to patch their systems. As a result, companies left vulnerable to malware. However, the resolution is not as simple for Log4J, and ongoing testing and patching will be required.

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What Next?

CTS is here to help. CTS Companies can provide advanced Vulnerability Scan software.