The Hidden Cost of Landlines

Did you know that there is a hidden cost to landlines? As technology continues to evolve, the use of business landlines is becoming a thing of the past. With new technologies, many businesses are opting to ditch their traditional landline service in favor of these newer and more advanced options.

If your business phone system is greater than 10 years old.
It may be costing you more to keep that system given the hidden cost of landlines.

Most experts implore businesses to consider the monthly recurring and hidden cost of landlines for their business, which often greatly outweigh the cost of a new phone system.

landlines cost

Cloud based (also known as hosted) phone systems are benefit small businesses, as they enable users to make and receive calls from any location. The major advantages of modern systems are cost-effectiveness, more capabilities through wider feature sets, and greater efficiencies via integrations and customization.

Integrations Example
For example, think about how integrating your phone system with your CRM can impact your business. Would it be useful to have complete details on who is calling before you pick up the phone? Other integrations include email, text messages, and instant messaging.

A CTS Companies Technology Consultant can provide a no cost financial analysis of your existing carrier based phone lines. You can contact CTS Companies here, or simply search for CTS Companies in Google. You may find that what you have today is the best for you. Our goal here is simple: provide you with the information to make a well informed decision.