VMWare Virtualization Solutions

Leading companies know that the best possible IT infrastructure delivers the highest levels of functionality and performance with the smallest possible footprint. These are companies that rely on virtualization solutions from VMWare, the acknowledged leader in technology resource optimization.

VMWare’s VSphere™ with Operations Management is the industry’s leading virtualization and cloud management platform. Leading companies count on VSphere to slash capital expenses and increase operational efficiency through server consolidation and automation while reducing downtime. VSphere also enhances business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities and enables virtualization of Tier 1 enterprise applications.

Separate VMWare Network, Desktop, Storage and Application virtualization tools enable companies to take full command of IT performance, unlocking unrealized capabilities within their systems:

  • Server Virtualization enables a more cost-effective, agile, simplified server environment
  • Network Virtualization enables rapid provisioning, nondisruptive deployment, automated maintenance, and support for legacy and new applications
  • Desktop Virtualization enables rapid response to changing needs and opportunities, providing virtualized desktops to remote and offshore employees as well as to those using tablet systems
  • Application Virtualization simplifies infrastructure, maximizes efficiency, and cuts costly over-provisioning
  • Storage Virtualization enables modern businesses to manage huge data volumes through use of high-performance storage pools.

CTS’ VMWare implementation experts can help develop a customized virtualization strategy that delivers powerful performance and business results for your company. Call us today to find out how.

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