Types of Network Testing

Types of Network Testing

Network testing is referred to as the measurement and recording of a network’s state of operation. You essentially establish a “baseline” of your network for later comparison. A well-thought-out network testing strategy will help you predict the operation of your network. Ideally, you would test each segment and identify any trouble spots to focus on. A network manager can then determine what is normal, acceptable or unacceptable for the network. It is also a good idea to run network testing after a configuration change in your network.

Various Types of Network Testing

Network testing can be divided into various types based on your goals for the test run. On a broad level, there is functional network testing, stress network testing, and performance network testing. Functional testing is first performed on your network to ensure that all components are working correctly. Once the functionality of everything is verified, you can move on to stress and performance testing for your network. In addition, each type of test phase will have a separate test plan that will test different aspects of the network.

Functional Testing

With a functional testing plan, you test the functional operation of your network. You can design cases to test the various code paths and functions that your network should perform.

Stress Testing

Since you cannot completely predict the traffic flowing through your network, it is crucial that you do stress testing, where you place a heavy load on your network server and emulate a scenario under stress. This will help you identify any bottlenecks that need to be fixed.

Performance Testing

Performance testing gives you an idea of how to subscribe your users and provide them with a service-level agreement that your network can uphold. Then you can measure the performance and use this data to configure your users accordingly.

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