5000 Series Telephones

Learn how to use specific features of Toshiba’s 5000-Series phones and voice mail systems.


5000 Series Overview

Control Button Overview

Phone Setup

Volume Control

Set LCD Constrast

Set Brightness Control

Set Backlight

One Touch Button Progamming

Speed Dial – Add a Number

Speed Dial – Remove Number

Place & Answer Calls

Place Call From Handset

Place Call From Speaker Button

Place Call From Dial Directory

Answer a Call

Caller ID Button

Use Mic & Mute Buttons


Use Personal Speed Dial

Personal Speed Dial Directory

Call Forwarding

Forward Calls


Place a Call on Hold

Hold Conference Calls

Transfer a Call

Transfer a Call

Conference Call Features

Manage Conference Calls

Transfer Conference Control

Hold Conference Calls

Voice Mail

Setting Up VoiceMail

Check New Messages

Play Back Options

Re-Direct a Message

Change Password

Manage Greeting – Default

Manage Greeting – Extended Absence

LCD Display Features

Set LCD Constrast

Set Brightness Control

Set Backlight

Feature-Key Features

Park a Call

Retrieve a Parked Call

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