Toshiba Voice and VOIP

Thirty-four years of business voice communications experience has taught CTS an important truth: We can trust Toshiba voice and VOIP solutions, and so can you.

Toshiba, one of the most familiar names in the modern American workplace, has proven its technological and product excellence across multiple disciplines. From laptops to document imaging systems, Toshiba is a name companies can count on to consistently deliver results as promised – and then go a little bit further.

Toshiba Awards

Toshiba’s unified communications solutions seamlessly integrate into your office network, providing outstanding reliability and economy while exponentially expanding your capabilities. Innovative IP and Cloud-based phone systems deliver outstanding sound quality and system versatility, and you can extend their capabilities with groundbreaking VOIP mobility solutions and a comprehensive suite of phone system management applications.

Toshiba offers a complete range of outstanding voice communications products:

  • IP phone systems
  • Digital phone systems
  • Business telephones
  • SIP trunking
  • Telephone system applications
  • Telephone system collaboration
  • Telephone application servers

CTS leverages the powerful array of voice technologies Toshiba offers to provide a completely customized solution matched to your company’s needs while allowing for future growth. We can work with you to unlock the full potential of your company’s voice communications, fully integrating your phone system as a pillar of your network and communications environment.

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