Tips For Your Network Testing

Tips For Your Network Testing

Network problems can be annoying and sometimes hard to troubleshoot. Sometimes some other issue can come across masked as a network outage, and it is crucial to get to the root of the problem. If you have good network testing strategies, follow specific guidelines and utilize effective tools, you can quickly troubleshoot your network.

Power Cycle and Other Basic Network Testing Techniques

When you face network issues, sometimes all it takes is merely rebooting your equipment. Just the act of restarting a device can fix a number of issues when you face network issues. By doing so, you eliminate any temporary network problems. If that doesn’t work, it may genuinely be a network issue. As part of basic troubleshooting, it is also a good idea to rule out any virus attacks that may be causing a particular network node to malfunction. Additionally, you can ensure sure that your firewall settings aren’t blocking the connection.

Check Physical Connections

If the basic power cycle doesn’t help, the next thing to check for is the physical connections throughout your network, such as an Ethernet cable. You need to make sure that your cables are not damaged or unplugged. For your wireless connections, ensure that connectivity is full strength. You can also check all devices for LED lights that might indicate any issues with the network connectivity. These steps can help you isolate the problem and rule out certain obvious culprits.

Contact Your Provider

After you have done basic troubleshooting, if you didn’t find any apparent problems, it is time to contact your service provider. It is better if you can reproduce the problem so that your provider can quickly isolate and address the issue. You can help your provider by collecting details and logs about your problem and giving as much information as possible. Logs can help figure out if the problem occurs at a particular time of the day. For instance, is the problem happening during peak time? Your provider will utilize smart network testing techniques to isolate and address the issue that is causing network connectivity problems, but they will need some information from you to get started.

Help With Network Testing

CTS Companies can help you get the most out of your network testing. We can pinpoint bottlenecks and address vulnerabilities and inefficiencies that get in the way of your network operations. Our testing professionals leverage proprietary tools and processes to troubleshoot your network and help you address any potential issues. For a personalized recommendation on your network testing strategy, contact us at (248) 334-5800.

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