Hosted Voice Solutions

Compared to costly traditional telephone services, VOIP immediately looks like a great alternative – but you still have to consider factors like hardware investment, ongoing management and maintenance, especially if you’re considering an on-premises hosting solution.

CTS Hosted Voice Service solutions provide an exciting option to companies looking to increase their flexibility, cut ongoing costs, and reduce their maintenance and operational workloads. Flexible CTS plans allow your company to create a custom-configured service perfectly matched to your business while dramatically decreasing your expense burden compared to traditional systems.

CTS Hosted Voice Services dynamically allocate lines and bandwidth resources when and where they’re needed. Rather than pay a high monthly fixed cost for individual lines to individual phones or locations, Hosted Voice Services let you access and use only what you need, when and where you need it – and pay only for what you use.

There’s no need to maintain servers, applications, or other voice-centric hardware apart from the handset, and no need for specialized networking or cabling. CTS Hosted Voice Services connect to your company’s phones through your data network, whether in a single office or across a range of branch locations with multiple phones and numbers. Your service is centrally managed by expert technical staff with no need for your IT department’s involvement. Your voice services are reliable, secure, feature-rich, and cost effective – and most importantly, completely hassle-free.

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