Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery:

What happens if you lose access to your vital business data – for an hour, for a day, for a week, or forever? Depending on your business, the answer may vary to some degree, but it’s certain to be nothing good.

CTS Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions have one goal in mind: Prevent the unthinkable. We’re here to ensure that your data – and your ability to use it – remain absolutely safe, no matter what happens. Fire, theft, flooding, sabotage, equipment failures, natural disasters and other factors all pose a real, if unusual, threat to the stability of any business. Companies that fail to guard against them can experience catastrophic consequences.

CTS has developed the systems you need to ensure that your business data survives and thrives, regardless of external circumstances. Our customizable physical SMART DR and cloud-based SMART DR LITE service solutions make sure that your data is always safe, always accessible, and always there when you need it most.

disaster recovery


SMART DR is our enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery option. The robust SMART DR system offers comprehensive backup protection to your entire enterprise: SMART DR supports over 100 different operating systems, including AS/400. That means that all your data – including legacy systems and applications – is thoroughly protected.


  • Integral ability to recover physical and virtual systems internally
  • Rapid disaster recovery for key systems
  • Enables offsite replication of data and data recovery
  • Incorporates detailed reporting functionality



CTS’s cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution provides comprehensive protection to today’s mobile-enabled enterprises and mobile-equipped workforce. SMART DR LITE operates over the internet as a cloud-based service, continually and transparently storing vital data no matter where it is generated.


  • Protection for laptop and mobile device data
  • Easily administered through intuitive WYSIWYG interface
  • Provides full backup capabilities
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange, SQL database, and VM backups

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