The Ultimate Connected Enterprise:
World-Class Networking Solutions

Your business is a living, breathing entity: a complex and interdependent system of people, information, activities and infrastructure working together to generate results. Success doesn’t depend on the proper function of the independent parts – it depends on the interactions between them.

That’s why network quality counts. Nobody knows networking like CTS. For decades, we’ve successfully “wired” small, medium and large companies throughout Michigan for optimum efficiency, creating enterprise-grade networks that are fast, reliable, and secure.

CTS leverages best-of-breed products from acknowledged networking leaders, such as Aruba Networks, Juniper, and QLogic. We’ve done the hard work of identifying world-class networking solutions and developing implementation best practices that enable us to develop or redevelop the perfect local or wide area networking solution for your specific business needs: A system designed to flawlessly integrate the entirety of your company’s moving parts into a high-performance whole.

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