NEC Voice Solutions:
Connecting Where It Counts Most

Even in the digital age, many of your customers’ first direct contacts with your company happen via phone – and many of your most important daily business activities happen when people simply talk to one another. These interactions don’t happen on their own. They are part of a complex communications environment made up of voice, data, media, and multimedia information. When those vital conversations are happening, you can’t let anything get in the way.

NEC makes this environment work in a way that makes sense. NEC hardware and software communications servers integrate your communications network to maximize the value and performance of your infrastructure investment while streamlining communications and reducing problems. The result is a seamless communications environment.

Univerge SV9100, 9300 series communications servers provide the robust, stable, speedy performance that complex communications systems demand. Pure IP, video, wired and wireless communications are all effortlessly supported and advanced applications extend functionality to enable an expanded range of features, functions, and services.

Univerge Sphericall is a software server alternative that seamlessly integrates into your existing application and network environment. Sphericall works as a fully-fledged communications server, supporting unified communications applications and integrating communications channels with business processes.

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