Different Characteristics of Web Services

Different Characteristics of Web Services

The World Wide Web has become essential to our everyday work lives, and it is hard to imagine a world without it. Moreover, pretty much every organization is developing software applications on top of the web. “Web services” are the programmatic interfaces that make communications between different software applications possible.

Technologies Used by Web Services

There are many technologies used in internet services, such as XML and HTTP. XML and HTTP are standard technologies that are widely supported on many platforms. These technologies allow applications to connect with each other. An application user interacts with the application by sending XML messages over HTTP. The benefit of using XML and HTTP is that your applications can work with other software applications seamlessly.


Interoperability is an essential characteristic of web services. Web admins enable different applications to converse with each other and offer information among themselves. When these applications use a standard language, it makes the interoperability so much easier.

Standard Protocols

When applications interact with each other on the World Wide Web, they use institutionalized industry standard convention for their correspondence. Using standard convention makes it easier for organizations to maintain quality and it becomes a lot more cost-effective. Companies don’t have to worry about translation between applications or spend money on interoperability issues.

Web Services Offered by CTS Companies

Web services offered by CTS Companies include a comprehensive range of application design, development and support services. We can help you drive leads for your business, streamline your sales and CRM processes. Moreover, our services can help you increase the impact of your brand.

At CTS Companies, we can build websites, microsite, e-commerce sites, and employee intranet sites to satisfy all your needs. We also have expertise in Online Help, Customer Relationship Management, and Instructional Systems. In addition, we know all social media tools and technologies and can help set up your social media sites and proactively manage them for your company.

Additionally, we can help you with PPC Advertising and Content Marketing to enhance your marketing campaign. If you are looking for assistance in Website and Application Hosting or application security, we can certainly guide you in the right direction.

CTS Companies can help you transform your digital presence into a competitive advantage for your business. We apply unparalleled knowledge, expertise, and strategic capability to your web services. We can help you achieve world-class and more efficient web services. For all your web services needs, contact us at (248) 334-5800.

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