Dell Compellent: Storage at the Cutting Edge.

Traditionally, enterprise-grade Flash storage solutions have been suitable for only one type of business – enterprises. High costs and the need to dedicate considerable processing power to storage administration placed this advanced technology beyond the reach of most emerging businesses.

Dell Compellent changes all that. One of the most trusted names in computing is delivering the most advanced Storage Area Networks and Flash memory storage solutions available – and placing these reliable, extensible systems within reach of growing companies.

Dell Compellent is the ideal match for your Dell-based servers. Finally, there’s a fully SSD-based storage solution that delivers the full power of speed and performance that the technology promises without the prohibitive cost associated with most pure-Flash solutions. Dell Compellent’s innovative automated tiering between write-optimized and read-optimized SSDs allows for Flash storage solutions that effectively match Flash/hard disk hybrid solutions for cost effectiveness while radically increasing system performance. Compellent solutions boast a 3x improvement in transactional performance and an 85 percent reduction in latency, all while increasing capacity and reducing power consumption.

Dell Compellent storage solutions can expand your company’s capabilities and boost its efficiency. As a certified Compellent target, CTS can extend your Compellent system for full cloud capability. Talk to us to learn more about the powerful potential Compellent solutions can provide for you.

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