IP-Based Access Control Systems

Security matters. Nothing places your business at greater risk than the people who walk through its doors. CTS provides powerful IP-based Access Control Systems that give you complete control of your premises, ensuring that people who belong there get in, when and where they’re supposed to – and that nobody else does.

CTS Access Control Systems use modern proximity-based HID technology to control access to your building. Your employee or visitor holds a card or fob close to a network-powered sensor to open a door. Each access attempt is logged, and each success or failure recorded. If desired, a notification email is automatically channeled to appropriate security personnel. Your system can even be configured to automatically capture an image or video of people attempting entry.

Sophisticated administration of CTS Access Control Systems take place through intuitive browser-based interfaces. With nothing more than a web browser and a network connection, you can securely monitor and manage your system:

  • Set permissions for varying levels of building access by group or individual employees
  • Set holiday access exceptions
  • Monitor entry attempts
  • Grant or revoke privileges to card or fob holders
  • Access reports
  • Remotely lock or unlock doors
  • Control floor-by-floor elevator access


CTS Access Control Systems can be scheduled through MS Office or Google Calendar, and they integrate with virtually any security system integrator or service, including major providers like Guardian and ADT. CTS Access Control is the easy to use, easy to administer security option that delivers unmatched power and flexibility in premise control.

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