Benefits of Email Archiving

Benefits of Email Archiving

Since we all do a lot of business communication via email in today’s digital world, it is a good idea to archive those critical emails. There is a lot of important communication and business transactions embedded in corporate emails. Unfortunately, many organizations seem to overlook the task of archiving email. However, archiving email is one of the best business practices that will help smooth out your company’s operations.

Global Access

Email archiving has many benefits. Users can access archived files even while they’re not connected to their corporate network. Moreover, employees don’t need to save their copies, because they can easily rely on corporate archives. Imagine each employee keeping copies of their emails for years and years – it is not a scalable solution. Sophisticated email archiving also enhances searching capabilities for your employees and makes your IT engineer’s job easier. It is a much better use of storage space and increases productivity and efficiency. Email archiving also gives your employees the assurance that data will not be lost.

Storage Management

One of the biggest benefits of archiving email is reducing the storage requirements of your live servers. Email systems data can be stored anywhere. Since most organization communication happens via email, it can quickly become overwhelming to store all that data. Storing this much data on a live email server can cause a decrease in performance. However, if you use a third-party archiving system, you can reduce the storage requirements and implement smaller mailbox quotas for your employees.

Retention of Business Records

Another major benefit of email archiving is regulatory compliance. Organizations in various industries, such as financial services or healthcare, must retain records according to business regulations. Additionally, it can also be beneficial in case legal issues arise. Discovery is so much easier when you have online records of all conversations and transactions.

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