Unitrends Backup Solutions

When it comes to reliable, versatile data backup solutions, Unitrends delivers uncommonly versatile systems that businesses can count on to provide virtually failproof data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Unlike other companies’ offerings, Unitrends’ data backup solutions aren’t simply modifications or add-ons to other product offerings; they are designed and built expressly for the purpose of safeguarding vital business data.

Unitrends’ integrated hardware, software, and cloud-centered data backup and protection systems automatically and transparently safeguard business information without compromising security or diminishing performance. The built-in versatility of Unitrends systems enables them to perform flawlessly within 100 different operating system and application configurations, virtually guaranteeing hassle-free integration into your existing systems. Unitrends solutions enable on-premise backup, off-premise disaster recovery, or cross-vaulting to combine the two for optimum security.

With a range of backup, archiving, and disaster recovery solutions suited to small and medium-sized businesses as well as robust enterprise-grade systems, Unitrends enables CTS clients of all sizes to enjoy the same high degree of security and confidence as major global enterprises do while containing costs.

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