GFI Email Archiving: The Paperless Paper Trail.

Email is an integral, critical part of modern business, but even though it is woven into virtually every aspect of most companies’ operations, its impact on both business health and IT infrastructure is often overlooked. Email often serves as a vital record of critical employee and customer communications and a repository of irreplaceable business data – but as its volume increases, it places an increasingly heavy strain on servers and networks.

Years’ worth of accumulated email communications create a significant burden on overtaxed IT networks. Simply deleting old messages is not an option, particularly in regulated industries like finance, health care, and insurance. Enter GFI email archiving solutions.

GFI enables small and medium businesses to effectively manage and maintain accumulated email while optimizing the performance of servers and networks. GFI solutions enable your company to securely store electronic communications, including email, calendar entries, and files. All information is centrally stored in a readily accessible format, enabling access whenever it may be required for internal investigations, legal compliance, or other business purposes. Comprehensive indexing and storage of complete records of electronic communications in their original format, with attached files and metadata intact, helps to reduce potential legal liability while maintaining data security and the confidentiality of communications.

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