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Now more than ever, your data is your business. Modern business computing systems are more powerful, more reliable, and more convenient than ever, but the centralized storage of vital business information within a single electronic system places the information your business depends on at considerable risk. Any number of factors can compromise your ability to access and use your data: component or system failures, human error, malware or viruses, and purposeful sabotage cost American companies time, money, and customers every day.

CTS can provide scalable, custom-configured backup products matched to your specific business needs. Our experts comprehensively assess your existing hardware, software and network infrastructure and propose appropriately-scaled solutions tailored to your current needs while allowing for the future growth and operational evolution of your organization. The result: Confidence that the vital customer, product, financial, and communications data you depend on every day is always secure and always accessible.

On-site backup systems are only one aspect of the backup solution we offer. CTS offers smart cloud backup and disaster recovery services designed to ensure the absolute sanctity of your data – and safeguard the continuity of your business.

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