Decades of Proven Performance

Technology services companies tend to come and go with alarming frequency, often disappearing as soon as technology changes – and their products and services become obsolete.

After 38 years, CTS is still here. We think that that says a lot.

CTS hasn’t just survived – we’ve thrived. And that hasn’t been an accident. From the moment we were founded, we have made it a point to deliver the products and services that were right for our clients. To deliver them well. To continually learn, grow, and adapt to the changing technological world around us. And to always – always – deliver the highest level of service and value to our customers.

In 1980, we began by offering high quality phone products and services to southeast Michigan businesses. Thanks to countless satisfied clients, we developed a reputation for reliability, quality, affordability and service, and became the go-to company for business telecom. It was a good start – but it was only a start.

The following 38 years have witnessed enormous changes in the communications landscape. Today, telephony is just one application among many in a broader technology multiverse – and it is one of many services that we offer. Most of the technologies we worked with and the competitors we dealt with in 1980 have disappeared. But we’re still here, delivering outstanding networking, data, and voice services to our clients, helping to build their businesses as we build our own.

Technology may have changed, but CTS’s core principles haven’t. To be the best, we deliver the best – and provide outstanding value to every client, every day. We’ve become the trusted technology partner of leading small, medium, and large businesses of all types throughout our region, and their ally as they adapt, grow, and thrive. We aren’t necessarily the biggest – but we always strive to be the best. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our purpose is to be a regional leader in the communication industry while operating our business in an ethical and profitable manner.

We will provide our employees with a stable working environment while creating the opportunity for professional, personal and financial growth.

We will set the highest standards of proficiency and productivity for our employees, securing their individual success.

We will provide a comprehensive range of progressive, technology-driven solutions for our customers, ensuring their ability to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

These solutions will be complemented with the best trained, most responsive customer service personnel in the industry.

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